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Stage Tec creates CRESCENDO-T digital audio console for theatres

Compact console can be retrofitted with 'T' options

In response to customer requests, Stage Tec has created a version of its CRESCENDO audio console with special features for theatres – the CRESCENDO-T, which it presented recently at Prolight + Sound.

CRESCENDO already offers two automation options, snapshot and scene automation. In CRESCENDO-T, static automation is enhanced with some important functions for theatres. For example, the five scene list control buttons are on the surface for rapid access. 

Another feature is ‘snapshot preview’, which interrupts the link between the physical user interface and signal processing. This enables settings to be tried out first without the audio processor implementing them immediately. With “Save All”, mode changes can be written as absolute values or relative changes (“Offset”) either in all or a selection of snapshots.

In addition to the peak filters and the two cut filters, the CRESCENDO-T equaliser is also equipped with two shelving filters.

“It is well-known that most theatres lack space and appreciate any console that saves room,” commented Christian Fuchs, application specialist for theatre/live at Stage Tec. “We have recently seen an uptick in interest from theatres, which is why we are now offering the compact CRESCENDO with special features needed for theatre applications.”

Each CRESCENDO can be modified with software and eight custom key bindings as a special CRESCENDO-T for theatre applications.