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Smooth, simple sharing with NovoEnterprise and LauncherPlus

NovoEnterprise – the flagship of Vivitek’s popular NovoConnect Solution – is being presented at ISE 2018.

NovoEnterprise has been developed to provide wireless, cable-free and hassle-free presenting – which in turn improves meeting efficiency and productivity by driving increased collaboration, Vivitek says. Building on the flexibility offered by NovoConnect, the new LauncherPlus and NovoEnterprise facilitate the employee and guest content sharing experience for SME or Enterprise users.

The plug-and-play LauncherPlus ensures that meeting participants’ laptop computers can wirelessly connect within seconds to the NovoEnterprise main unit. A USB device that plugs directly into the laptop, the LauncherPlus includes embedded WiFi, allowing it to stream laptop content to the big screen. The device is said to be especially convenient for visiting guests, or when colleagues from other offices are on site. Furthermore, as it is driver-free, no trace or residue is left on laptops after they disconnect.

Aimed at SME and corporate environments, NovoEnterprise has been designed to provide guests with an ad-hoc wireless connection. According to Vivitek, NovoEnterprise’s standalone operation and external antenna provide a robust wireless connection, preventing guests from accessing the corporate network – thus ensuring that network security is maintained.

High-performance connectivity is said to be assured by NovoEnterprise’s high-bandwidth 2T2R dual-band 802.11ac WiFi. This delivers optimal standalone WiFi performance, says Vivitek, even when demand on the available bandwidth is high. Enhanced connectivity enables guests to mirror their Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook devices to the big screen ‘smoothly and effortlessly’, the company claims.

In combination, NovoEnterprise and LauncherPlus are said to be well suited to meeting rooms where lots of external guests are expected; they are also useful for hotels to facilitate their guests hiring a meeting room. The system is designed to be simple and easy-to-use with no training required for guests, thus reducing the burden on facility support.

Stand: 5-R60