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SiliconCore adds to Common Cathode architecture with new technologies

SiliconCore has unveiled three new technologies to enhance the company’s Common Cathode architecture, which it says will reduce costs and raise performance.

The first technology is a new SCL8080 LED driver chip, which now powers 640 pixels per chip that represents a doubling in the scan rate, a fourfold increase in processing speed and a fivefold increase in pixel processing per driver.

Second, the Precision Current Pump aims to improve LED pixel low-brightness performance. Each LED printed circuit board can inherently possess small variations in impedance for each LED pixel, so this technology compensates for the variations ensuring integrity in every light pulse from each pixel.

Finally, Spread Spectrum Driver technology evenly distributes the LED display’s pixel clock speed over a range of several megahertz, eliminating energy spikes and reducing peak electromagnetic interference (EMI) by 20dB.

Eric Li, SiliconCore’s CEO and president explained: “To the customer, these new technologies represent a significant LED driver cost reduction per pixel and a dramatic increase in performance. We are rolling out these new Common Cathode architecture enhancements with our Lavender P1.2 cabinet first and shortly thereafter we will incorporate these in our Orchid HD P1.9, our Magnolia P1.5, and our Peony P2.6 cabinets. These exciting developments will assist us in further increasing the resolution of future displays.”

SiliconCore LED displays