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RGB Spectrum launches codec content management system

RGB Spectrum has launched the DSx Content Management System (CMS) for DSx 264 codec recordings.

RGB Spectrum has launched the DSx Content Management System (CMS) for DSx 264 codec recordings. (DSx 264 codecs use H.264 compression technology to provide superior streaming and recording quality and high-performance capabilities.) The DSx Content Management System is a powerful enterprise-level system for media management that provides integrated control of multiple DSx codecs and a centralised location to store recordings.

The DSx CMS system consists of two components: a DSx Storage Server and a DSx Control Station. The DSx Storage Server is a network attached storage (NAS) device that houses the recording database and enables the retrieval/replay of selected codec recordings. It is available in 3.6TB, 10TB and 14TB capacities, which can store up to 5,800 hours of recordings. Each DSx codec connected to the system is assigned an independent folder on the DSx Storage Server, and the recordings it generates are organised within this folder.

The DSx Control Station enables users to control multiple DSx systems and manage recordings from each of these units. The Control Station ships pre-installed with three software applications:

  • DSx Multi-Channel Manager (MCM) is a proprietary software package that allows a single operator to control up to 30 DSx codec units concurrently from a single control panel.
  • Daminion Software’s Stand Alone Pro media management application provides a streamlined method of organising, accessing, and retrieving stored recordings. The software processes individual recordings and creates proxy thumbnail images which users can catalogue and organizse as required. This software allows users to quickly browse through a database of recording files to search for and replay a desired DSx recording. Users can specify parameters, including file size, date/time and content category to simplify the process of locating recordings.
  • The third application is VLC Media Player, a conventional software decoder that provides users with the ability to retrieve and replay DSx recordings from multiple local and remote locations.