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Adlib chooses Absen LED wall for Cavern Club install

In November 2016, The Cavern Club in Liverpool has been fitted with an Absen LED videowall for a backdrop screen behind the stage to showcase a variety of content.

Adlib was presented with the project brief and selected LED for the installation and worked with specialist LED distributor, PSCo, to find a product that could fit the visual expectations, budget and the lead times needed. LED was chosen as it can provide a seamless image without any interruption to content and for its scalability.

As The Cavern Club was holding a 60th anniversary event in early January, Adlib needed a product with a short lead time, which LED does not typically allow. As most LED is made to order and manufactured in China, the standard lead times from order are 12 weeks.

As a UK distributor, PSCo holds extensive product stock, and therefore could turn around the project within the short timescales. Within just four weeks of the enquiry, the project had been specified, sold and installed, in time for the anniversary event.

PSCo specified the Absen N4 BLK as it can produce high image quality, with only 4m viewing distance. In order for the product to not encroach on to the stage space, there was a tight depth that the LED had to work within. The product needed to have minimal depth and be able to be front service and front install. The N4 BLK has a depth of only 54mm, meaning it can have limited space behind the screen and has fast swap LED modules allowing for quick and simple mounting.

The final product purchased by Adlib for the Cavern Club installation was an Absen N4 BLK LED videowall comprising of 15 panels of 576 x 576mm 4mm LED set up in a 2.88m x 1.73m display, with a 16:9 ratio.

Graham Pow, sales manager at PSCo commented: “We were glad that we could provide a screen to Adlib with such a quick turnaround. By holding stock in a UK warehouse, we were able to provide the perfect product for Adlib within the time scales they required. We worked with our frame manufacturers to provide the perfect mounting solution and were able to provide a product that could be installed from the front, with minimal space required at the rear.”

Tim Robinson, design engineer at Adlib said: “As a long-standing customer, the Cavern have rightly come to expect that when they have a technical requirement, Adlib provides a high-quality solution in a timely manner. Even so, to go from enquiry to delivery on a brand-new LED wall, including the removal and re-purposing of their existing plasma screen-based videowall, within what was effectively less than a fortnight, thanks to the Christmas holiday, is remarkable and PSCo’s support was crucial to achieving this. Preliminary design and costing work was done in record time and PSCo’s UK stock holding was essential to achieving delivery within the allotted time.

Paul Jones, assistant director, Cavern City Tours commented on the final project: “When we first started looking at updating our ‘old technology’ system, we knew the first port of call should be to our long-term friends at Adlib. As always they took our brief, and provided a bespoke solution, utilising cutting edge technology at a competitive price. We needed a really fast turnaround of a couple of weeks right over the busy Christmas months, and the guys came through. Very professional as always, they were in and out without even a speck of dust on the carpet when they left! The result – a very professional install, and one hell of an impressive videowall, complete with all the inputs, and scaling options we could ever need. The wall looks amazing when displaying video, or even just for branded holding slides. Not to mention the screen is bright enough to fill the whole club twice over if needed!”