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Promethean launches ActivBoard 500 Pro

The multi-touch, interactive whiteboard is designed to bring everyday technology experiences (familiar to users of iPhone, iPad and Windows 7) into whole-class teaching and learning environments.

Designed to maximise the potential of new and emerging multi-touch content and applications for education, the ActivBoard 500 can be operated simultaneously by both pen and touch, provide a more intuitive way of performing tasks. Real-world hand gestures (tap, flick, swipe, pinch, rotate) can be used to interact with content and media, while the signature ActivPen is provided for writing actions that require greater accuracy. Rather than teachers being offered a choice between pen or touch operated systems, they can now use a dual mode board and select the most intuitive input method for the task in hand.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro series is available in 87in and 95in widescreen formats and uses ‘projected capacitance multi-touch technology’, combined with passive electromagnetic technology for the pen operation. This enables the board to distinguish between pen and touch inputs, creating a more intelligent system and an improved user experience.

The ActivBoard 500 is supplied with ActivInspire 1.5 software and two multi-touch applications – NoteBoard and TouchPad – for mind mapping and lesson planning.