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Product focus: Barco ClickShare

Steve Gore-Browne, display and presentation manager at Visavvi, on why the company has come to rely on ClickShare for a variety of project installations

What environments do you typically install ClickShare?
ClickShare is such a powerful, flexible and user-focused solution, it has become our go-to product for content sharing in almost every environment. The range is simple to understand yet has extensive capabilities to cope with the varied installation scenarios and use cases in which it can be deployed.

The CS-100 solution is perfect for smaller huddle spaces where users can quickly present their content with the click of a button. The CSE-200 range, provides multiple users with the ability to show content, quickly select who’s content is being displayed and multiple devices can be displayed concurrently. The CSE-200+ product is becoming a keen choice as 4K content grows in popularity. The CSE-800 is perfect for larger enterprise meeting spaces or boardrooms, where multiple screens are installed, allowing the content of up to eight presenters to be displayed simultaneously across multiple screens.

In addition to the USB buttons provided, the flexibility to use Android and IOS devices allows users to easily present content from their smartphones and tablets. As more and more users move toward agile working environments, the ability to use content from personal smart devices is an almost constant request from clients.

What are the most impressive elements of its feature set?
It would be the CSE-200+ and CSE-800 and their unique capability to provide true ‘inbox’ collaboration features which allow presenters to annotate on content via connected touchscreens.

One of the questions we continually get asked about with content sharing systems is “how secure is it?” Configurable security and multiple network connectivity allow IT managers to really lock the system down to meet their security standards, whilst at the same time retaining the flexibility and ease of use for a wide range of presenters.

For the larger organisations, the ability to manage, configure and maintain a whole enterprise fleet of ClickShare devices via a single remote management portal is a massive benefit.

If an updated version of this product was to be released, what upgrades would you like to see?
I would love to see the ability for the system to provide bridging-connectivity to other USB devices. For instance there is a large shift toward the use of laptops as the platform for software communication tools such as Skype for Business, Zoom, Convene etc. When used in meeting rooms, these devices typically connect to a combined USB camera/microphone solution, such as those from Poly, Huddly and Logitech to mention a few. This requires the presenter to connect a USB to their device in addition to the ClickShare button. A huge benefit here would be the ability to use the USB base station as a bridge and pass through to other connected USB devices. So by connecting one of these devices to the ClickShare base station, users could have the ability to gain access to them from their laptop via the ClickShare button. This would make the whole technical element so simple to use for anybody – one connection, one device, one click and you have access to a very powerful collaboration environment.