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PixelFLEX LED creates ‘beach’ retail experience

PixelFLEX LED technology has been utilised to create an immersive beach experience within the NYC showroom space of new footwear brand Vionic Beach, part of Vionic Shoes. Showroom designer David Warwick selected FLEXLite II 4.8mm LED from PixelFLEX for the install.

“I didn’t want Vionic Beach to get missed when reps or buyers came through, so we designed a unique space with its own personality using the FLEXLite LED to really make it stand-out,” said Warwick.

FLEXLite LED from PixelFLEX is an economical solution, which provides both indoor and outdoor solutions for any retail environment. With its bright, dense display and high refresh rate, FLEXLite tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to insure colour and brightness, and its easy access back panels allow for simple on-site repairs without the hassle of removing the entire back of a tile.

Warwick continued: “Once we started working with the layout of the showroom, there was a central area that really stood out as the best location for the Vionic Beach display because it was a lovely, blank wall that was about 10ft high and 8ft wide. From there we started looking at what type of technology we could to use to create the wow-factor for the buyers and draw their attention to the new brand. Since this would also serve as a prototype for what we could do at the retail locations, we didn’t want the normal product stands and static displays. That wouldn’t give us the excitement I was looking to create which is why we decided to go with an LED video solution.”

On choosing PixelFLEX, Warwick explained: “I wanted something thin with an intensity of colour that was easy to install. Plus, it needed to be a solution that the IT department could do a simple plug-and-play for the content, and one that would work consistently for the showroom manager each morning with the flip of a switch.”

With the FLEXLite II LED video solution identified, the team got ready for the installation in the new showroom, but as part of a larger installation, the LED video needed to go up quickly and easily in order to keep the opening on schedule.

“We ended up building a freestanding structure that stood in front of the wall and then attached the FLEXLite LED to the back of the unit,” stated Warwick. “The whole installation was completed in only a couple of hours, and for the control, it’s wired perfectly into the showroom so that all the manager has to do is walk in, turn it on, and away it goes.”