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Philips showcases the world’s largest luminous textile installation

Textiles, acoustics and lighting combine to enhance shopping experience at Dresden mall.

Philips has supplied the world’s largest installation using luminous textiles at the Centrum Galerie shopping mall in Dresden.

The installation, measuring 37 sq m, features dynamic and colourful LED light content across luminous textile panels of various sizes and textures. The result produces eclectic and alternating visual effects that enhance the indoor shopping experience of visitors entering one of Europe’s finest three-storey shopping malls.

Philips’ luminous textiles integrate multi-coloured LED modules within acoustic textile panels to show dynamic content to create ambience and soften sound. Each panel in the installation at the Centrum Galerie in Dresden is made of six luminous textile modules with an integrated RGB LED matrix plus driver and a digital control. The modular construction of the installation also offers greater design freedom to lighting specialists and architects looking to improve both the audio and visual impact of large retail spaces such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and offices.

“Our Philips luminous textile installation is a real asset, creating a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere for our visitors that both highlight the impressive size of Centrum Galerie while managing sound distribution issues typical of large indoor spaces,” says mall manager Stefan Dorster.

This combination of textile, acoustics and lighting was made possible through Philips’ partnership with Kvadrat Soft Cells, bringing together leading expertise in lighting and sound absorbing design textiles.