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Philips equips Chelsea Football Club to use LED floodlights

Stamford Bridge becomes one of the first top-flight football club stadiums to complete an upgrade to LED pitch lighting

Philips has provided state-of-the-art LED pitch lighting for Chelsea Football Club. Stamford Bridge is one of the first stadiums for a top-flight football club equipped with this pioneering lighting system, which will ensure that the stadium continues to be one of the most famous sporting arenas in the world.

The Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch lighting solution. It is designed to provide footballers, fans and TV broadcasters with the best possible experience and supports the latest Premier League requirements for TV broadcasting. These include lighting standards for high definition super slow-motion replays, avoiding the flicker synonymous with conventional lamps. Also, unlike the previous metal halide system, the new LED solution can be instantly switched on and off without the need for a warm up period.

Ron Gourlay, chief executive of Chelsea FC said: “I am delighted to be able to work with Philips on delivering the best possible environment for our supporters to enjoy Chelsea matches in. Once again, Chelsea Football Club is at the forefront of innovation and we look forward to many more memorable games at Stamford Bridge under this new floodlighting system.”

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting comments: “The world’s first ever floodlit football match took place in England, so as sports lighting goes digital it is only right that the lighting standard is again being set there. We are witnessing another technology milestone in the modern football game.

‘’Our LED pitch lighting meets the new stringent broadcast criteria of the English Premier League in helping to deliver high definition, flicker-free super-slow motion images and ensures that Chelsea delivers the best possible viewing experience to the 40,000 plus fans in the stadium as well as those at home.”

The solution includes a dedicated user interface and a control system allowing quick, easy and reliable monitoring of the system and switching between optimal lighting configurations. This provides complete flexibility and the ability to switch and dim each floodlight individually. The Philips ArenaVision LED control system can also be used to create special entertainment lighting effects that would normally require dedicated stage-lighting, providing the opportunity for the floodlights to be integrated into pre- and post-match light shows to help build the atmosphere and excitement in the stadium.

The new LED floodlights deliver flawless lighting, achieving exceptional vertical illuminance on the players and good uniformity of light. In addition to supporting better-quality broadcast images, the club will also benefit from maintenance savings due to the exceptional long life of the LEDs. Typically, metal halide floodlighting lamps should be replaced every three-seasons to maintain the lighting levels required. The Philips LED system is expected to last in excess of 10 seasons.

The new lighting was installed during this summer’s break in time for the start of the new football season. In addition, the club is also upgrading its lighting at its training ground, installing the same family of Philips LED floodlighting to deliver a similar lighting performance when training as on match days. With the new system it is possible to light specific areas of the training ground to different illuminance levels to create the ideal practice environment for players.