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Philharmonie in Luxembourg selects Robe LEDWash fixtures

The home to the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra has purchased 16 Robe LEDWash 300s for its three performance spaces.

The Philharmonie in Luxembourg has purchased 16 Robe LEDWash 300s for the venue’s three performance spaces. The Philharmonie, located on the Kirchberg plateau in the City of Luxembourg, is home to the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Grand Auditorium stages around 430 shows and can accommodate between 1,250 and 1,500; a Chamber Music Hall (Salle de Musique de Chambre) has a 313 capacity and a smaller Espace Découverte (Discovery Space) theatre seats 180. The stage manager for the venue is Frank Reinard, who coordinates stage lighting, audio, video, staging and rigging on all productions.

“I knew back in 2005 that Robe would be a ‘fixture of the future’,” stated Reinard. “Now you hear so much about Robe! The product range is excellent and it’s really great to see a properly innovative brand become so successful.”

The Philharmonie specifically needed a fixture that was small, light and easy to set up. The LEDWash fixtures are used throughout the venue, for concerts, gala dinners, environmental lighting, etc.

LEDWash 600s and DLSs were recently added to the house lighting rig for a performance of the Tchaikovsky opera La Dame de Pique. Reinard created around 150 complex cues in half a day of programing, including the set up.

The Robe fixtures purchased by the Philharmonie were delivered by Benelux distributor Controllux in conjunction with its Luxembourg sales partner, Showtrade.