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Paradigm projections show future of metro travel

Paradigm AV has supplied projection solutions for an exhibition showing concepts for future metro travel – including cross-track and in-train projection onto curved surfaces.

Paradigm AV has supplied projection solutions for an exhibition showing concepts for future metro travel – including cross-track and in-train projection onto curved surfaces.

Presented by engineering experts Siemens in conjunction with London Transport Museum and media owners CBS Outdoor UK, Going Underground: Our journey to the future showcases future developments for metro-style trains and stations.

At the heart of the exhibition is a full-size mock-up of a brand new concept metro train – the Siemens Inspiro – a driverless train which has been designed to set new standards in its class and address the diverse demands of public transportation needs within cities. The Inspiro is 30% more energy efficient and 20% lighter than similar modern metro trains, with a light and open, fully air-conditioned interior.

To help bring realism to this underground mock-up CBS Outdoor UK contracted Paradigm AV, having consulted with company founder Greg Jeffreys in the past. Once again they called on the Bedford screen specialists’ advanced engineering skills on the Cross Track Projection (XTP) displays — a technology developed to allow moving HD advertisements and messages to be digitally projected onto the curved wall opposite the station platform. At the same time Paradigm developed a series of Tube Car Panel (TCP) frames (advertising panels), which like the XTP, also required precision design and implementation.

According to Paradigm AV designer Kathryn Norford, critical to the success of the XTP had been the correct angling of the two NEC PH1400U projectors, fitted with NP25FL 0.67:1 fixed short throw lens, and specified by CBS Outdoor, using the NEC Stacking System.

These were chosen as being compatible with the rigging accessories and the Calibre HQView320 HDMI/DVI image scaler, which includes four-sided soft edge blend, flexible geometry correction functions and full warp mapping – enabling the image to be warped onto the Paradigm curved screen and frame.

The train’s digital TCP frames, also designed by Paradigm, see digital images rear projected onto a curved surface – viewed from inside the train – in this simulation.

For this, Paradigm AV specified two Panasonic PT-RZ470 projectors with standard lens and two Calibre HQView320’s for warping. These were supplied along with Paradigm rear projection towers and mounting devices.

“Pro Display rear projection film was applied to 3mm clear acrylic that had been formed to follow the shape of the train,” explained Norford. “The forming of the acrylic was carried out and provided by Curvature Group who manufactured the train mock-up, while design and installation of the projectors and rear projection towers was Paradigm.”

While all content and media players were supplied by CBS Outdoor, Paradigm AV managed the full installation, including the warping of images.

In addition to the Siemens Inspiro, which could cost a £1 million a carriage to develop, the mix of interactive exhibits on display – housed in a temporary ‘station’ building – will focus on technologies to help travellers find their way more easily, electronic ticketing developments, passenger information systems and station management solutions.

Going Underground is free to enter and remains open until January 2014. It is located on the site of The Crystal in Royal Victoria Docks, the world’s largest exhibition of solutions dedicated to sustainable cities.