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Niveo switches are Q-SYS qualified

Switches meet QoS and multicast requirements

Commercial and residential network equipment manufacturer Niveo Professional has announced that its NGSM-series enterprise switches have been approved as qualified Q-LAN Audio/Video Switches for integration with the Q-SYS Platform from QSC.

This follows thorough methodological testing, with focus towards quality of service (QoS) and multicast related to Q-SYS audio, video, AES67 & Dante.

“The Q-SYS Platform was built around an IT-friendly ecosystem and connects all audio, video and control processing over a standard IT network,” said Martin Barbour, product manager, QSC. “With this open, standards-based backbone, Q-LAN operates on standard network switches that can be qualified to ensure the minimum performance requirements have been met. We are excited to add the Niveo NGSM-series to our growing list of qualified switches.”

Among the features of Niveo Professional NGSM-series are:

• Self-healing PoE+ (on PoE models)
• Front- and rear-facing configurations for easy patching
• Deep network testing and analysis capabilities built in
• Integration with most control servers
• Ten years’ limited warranty


Niveo Professional switches