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New CMS release from ComQi brings range of new features

'Multi-channel message management' company ComQi has announced Release 7 of its EnGage cloud-based content management system.

ComQi has announced a new release of its content management software – EnGage R7. The release, said the company, continues to push the capabilities of its cloud-based digital signage CMS solution that has been used by hundreds of customers around the world.

EnGage R7 features include a Video On Demand (VOD) capability which enables users to select from stored content on the player using their mobile phones. With this new feature, ComQi said that it is offering a customised solution to the corporate communications market by enabling employee education and staff training on demand.

Also featured are multi-language user interfaces which enable users to work in their native language –Spanish, German or French. This builds upon EnGage’s existing Unicode capability which supports content in any language.

A new geospatial interface has been added to automatically geocode locations and present their locations on online maps. This capability can track location from city level all to aisle level within a store which enables tracking and impact measuring.

EnGage R7 also features extended support for external video feed integration with a TV tuner widget to tune ATSC over-the-air and clear QAM digital TV signals.

“With our quarterly EnGage release, we make sure that our customers benefit from cutting edge technologies as soon as they are available in the market,” said Max Stevens-Guille, ComQi’s CTO. “As such, EnGage’s new VOD capability fits ComQi’s overall strategy to integrate mobile phones with digital signage by allowing users to select specific content from their mobile phone for playback on the screen. This unique feature can be very useful for corporate training and retail applications to allow users to find out multi-product information.”