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NEC’s work enhancing and collaboration enabling InfinityBoard now available in the EMEA regions

All in one interactive solution is "perfect" for meetings, presentations, brainstorming, reviewing, video conferencing and collaboration

All in one interactive solution is “perfect” for meetings, presentations, brainstorming, reviewing, video conferencing and collaboration

A year since being unveiled at ISE 2017, NEC’s InfinityBoard is now available for customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

According to the firm, the InifnityBoard was built to provide a solution to companies, improving working between widely-dispersed teams, and enhance collaboration abilities for sharing, reviewing, and editing content.

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel-free UHD viewing in 65” and 84” size.
  • Future upgradable OPS based slot-in PC.
  • Flexible app installation according to customers’ needs.
  • Easy multiple wireless presenting and collaboration supporting BYOD, supporting Win, MAC, Android and iOS operating system.
  • Prepared for any video conferencing platform.
  • Intuitive writing, erasing and touching with cost-efficient passive pen or finger.

Suited for meeting room environments, the InfinityBoard incorporates “pixel-free” visualisation with UHD display in a choice of 65” or 84” format, 120° wide angle video conferencing camera and 40W conference speakers.

“The NEC InfinityBoard is the industry’s most capable meeting room solution, and will enable businesses around the world to improve the way they create, collaborate, and communicate,’ said Daniela Dexheimer, product manager Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “With NEC InfinityBoard, we are solving some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today, such as optimising employee productivity and enabling teams to collaborate effectively across large distances.

“The rise of globalisation and flexible working means that organisations of all sizes are struggling to support remote working and collaboration across multiple locations, which is why we have designed NEC InfinityBoard to bring the flexibility that businesses need. According to Futuresource Consulting, more than a fifth of meeting participants join remotely, and organisations need an all-encompassing conferencing and collaboration tool to ensure that employees can collaborate effectively whether they are in the same room or a thousand miles away. We have already had excellent feedback from our early roll-out in select markets, and are now proud to bring NEC InfinityBoard to the whole of EMEA.”

The modular design integrates with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and is based on the ultra-high definition (UHD) NEC MultiSync InGlass Touch displays, providing, what the firm claims to be, a ‘best-in-class visual performance’.

The NEC InfinityBoard is also fully customisable to users’ application needs, and comes complete with passive stylus pens. The solution suits every conceivable use and type of environment.

Also included is Mosaic Hub, a real-time collaborative workspace that brings people, content and ideas closer together. It combines video and voice with the ability for teams in different locations to collaborate in real-time on documents, text, images and sketches in the same expandable workspace. Mosaic has been designed with large format displays very much in mind and is the tool of choice on NEC’s InfinityBoard.