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Meyer Sound in South Korean theatre upgrade mixing new and old speakers

The National Gugak Centre in Seoul, South Korea has upgraded the Meyer Sound system in its 800-seat Yeak-Dang Theatre with M’elodie line array loudspeakers.

On the process of choosing M’elodie loudspeakers, Ungseop Kwon of SOVICO, Meyer Sound’s Korean distributor, commented: “When it comes to government spending, it’s not always easy to specify a particular brand. The committee members listened critically to several loudspeakers and all agreed that the M’elodie was the best system for the hall.

“With a Meyer Sound system in place for more than 10 years, it was not unexpected that they would be pleased with M’elodie,” continued Kwon. “But the system’s performance has exceeded expectations, and everyone is quite pleased.”

The new system includes left and right arrays of 12 M’elodie loudspeakers each and four 600-HP subwoofers.

“The theatre’s acoustics are challenging,” explained Kwon. “The left and right M’elodie arrays provide an ideal solution, with excellent sound and very even coverage for all seats.”

Taken from the previous system, one UPA-1P, two CQ-1, and two CQ-2 loudspeakers comprise a centre cluster used for voice announcements, with one CQ-1 loudspeaker each at left and right. Ten UPM-1P loudspeakers have also been redeployed to cover front fill and delay. The upgrade was designed and installed by SOVICO.

“The previous system’s components were still in excellent condition, even after many years of constant use,” reported Kwon. “Repurposing them in this way allowed us to create a true L-C-R configuration, with uniform left-right coverage for music, and a centre channel for voice.”

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