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Live Wire performance space reinforces sound with EAW Anya system

Live Wire performance venue in the Scottsdale entertainment district, Arizona has recently installed a new EAW Anya sound reinforcement system for a variety of performances including national touring acts, DJs and local bands.

The two-level, 14,000sqft facility has a capacity of 1,100 and features a large dancefloor, VIP booth seating, north and south indoor lounge areas, an outdoor patio and a raised concrete stage (15 x 30ft or 30 x 30ft with the extension stage) built into the far end of the room. The wrap-around three-sided mezzanine level provides guests with an open view of all of the action on the first floor. The club is owned by Evening Entertainment Group (EEG), also headquartered in Scottsdale. Fyxx Entertainment, located in Canoga Park, California assisted with the installation and tuning of the system.

“Our number one priority was sound quality but we also wanted the most current audio technology,” explained Jason Jones, audio/lighting/video technician for EEG. “Not only does the Anya system sound fantastic, but it was the only system that allowed us to make major system modifications without having to physically adjust the modules. I can use their Resolution software to direct music only to the first floor or just on the dance floor without a problem. Whatever we need can be easily created with a few modifications to the software.”

Jones worked with Fyxx Entertainment’s Adrian de Pamphilis and EAW’s Application Support Group to finalise the design of a complete EAW system. Because EEG wanted maximum flexibility, the system is made up of four Anya columns, two made up of four modules and two made up of two modules. The four-module columns are hung to the left and right of the stage on an “I” beam trolley system that allows the columns to be moved forward when the stage extension is in use. The two-module arrays are hung left-right to the rear of the room. When in club mode they fly down from the ceiling to the mezzanine level to create a club environment. “I think we have the only four point Anya setup in the world,” added Jones.

“The ultimate club experience involves immersing our customers in sound,” Jones continued. “We add the two smaller columns to the mix when we are hosting club DJs or EDM artists and people are amazed, it sounds incredible and really adds to the club atmosphere.”

To round out the club system, six EAW SB2001 dual 21in subwoofers are located under the stage in a custom built concrete bumper for incredible low end. Jones noted: “Even with our efforts to minimise vibration, when the bass kicks in you can see the stage slightly vibrating, those subs really deliver.”

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