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InfoComm 2018: WyreStorm reveals new HDBaseT extender for meeting/huddle rooms

Wyrestorm has expanded its presentation switcher line with the addition of its EX-SW-0301-H2 HDBaseT switching extender.

The EX-SW-0301-H2 addresses the increased demand for cost-efficient presentation solutions for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces in corporate and education sectors.

Designed for any meeting or huddle space requiring multi-participant presentation and collaboration, the EX-SW-0301-H2 offers logical, autonomous operation and presentation flexibility that completely does away with the need and expense of a control system.

As a smart switching extender, the 0301 features both manual and automatic switching between any of its connected HDMI, VGA with audio and DisplayPort inputs.

A transmitter can be mounted exposed on or under a desk/meeting table for ease of laptop or PC connectivity, with the receiver installed behind a display or above a projector where it can also automatically activate projector screens or room curtain/blinds via dual conditions-based relay triggering.

HDCP 2.2 compliant, EX-SW-0301-H2 transmitter and receiver are connected via HDBaseT, supporting transmissions of 4K 8bit at 60Hz 4:2:0 and 30Hz 4:4:4 to 35m or HD up to 1,920 x 1,200p 60Hz 12bit to 60m, with WyreStorm’s Active Optical HDMI cables providing an ideal means of delivery get the most from 4K devices and content.

The 0301 receiver itself automatically scales incoming content to the capabilities of the connected display device, ensuring no signal drop-outs to interrupt the flow. The receiver also features one-way PoH power to the transmitter for less cables and connectors cluttering up the meeting space, line-level audio output for connection to external amplification, and CEC, RS-232, IR and IP (TELNET) control, with relays that can all be set to engage based on transmitter auto-switching.

With ease of user operation during meetings and valued-added functionality outside them of equal importance to many businesses today, the 0301 lets users simply connect their laptop source devices to turn the system on and show an image. And when the meeting is finished, participants just need to disconnect their devices for the system to switch off automatically or revert to the additional local HDMI input on the receiver to show digital signage, rolling video content, or cable TV.

The result enables all meeting participants to maximise efficiency and productivity during meetings, and clients or system managers to maximise return on their AV investment when the meeting room is not in use.

Furthermore, coming shortly with a v2 update, the EX-SW-0301-H2 is set to feature a web UI for effortless setup, configuration and operation, and compatibility with WyreStorm’s new TS-280 touch screen wall-plate controllers, for even less need for the added cost and complexity of a control system, and even greater functionality for the modern meeting/huddle environment.