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InfoComm 2016: Gefen debuts new 4K 600MHz solutions

Gefen has revealed its EXT-UHD600 line of 4K 600MHz products at InfoComm, featuring three splitters, a 4×1 switcher and a 4×4 matrix.

The EXT-UHD600 range is HDCP 2.2-compliant and enables AV distribution at full specification of 4K 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling as well as HDR support.

“With this introduction, Gefen continues to set new benchmarks for commercial A/V signal distribution, as we have done since the company’s inception,” said Jason Fitzgerald, Core Brands’ Gefen product manager. “This new line of 4K 600 MHz products extends our ability to provide integrators with AV distribution solutions for any sized job. We’re excited to offer our dealers more capable and versatile product options than ever before.”

The new EXT-UHD600 series splitters support multiple layers of cascading in large video distribution and signage applications. “These splitters are ideal for large AV distribution systems that require daisy-chaining multiple units to drive hundreds of displays without loss of picture quality,” Fitzgerald added.

The switcher and the matrix feature flexible control options including the front-panel, IR, RS-232, Telnet/UDP, and Gefen’s intuitive web server interface. The Gefen Syner-G software simplifies configuration and allows advanced EDID management for the splitters, switcher, and matrix products. Additionally, all units accommodate Gefen locking HDMI cables for secure connections.