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InfoComm 2014: Audinate launches Dante Via networking software

Dante Via is a software product that allows PCs or Macs to become I/O points on a Dante network without any other hardware.

Audinate has announced the launch of Dante Via, a new software application designed to transform computers into Dante I/O devices. The software can take soundcard channels and application audio channels and bring them into a Dante network.

Speaking at the AV Networking World conference, hosted by Audinate on the eve of InfoComm, Aidan Williams, the company’s CIO, explained: “[You could have] a USB microphone connected to a computer running Dante Via, then a signal can go into the computer via USB, into the Dante network, across to another computer, and then get played out again, using the built-in soundcard, through a set of speakers. So with this we can make a Dante network out a set of computers and their associated soundcards.”

Dante Via allows a flexible audio bridge for the connection of legacy USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt audio interfaces onto a network. Without the need for additional hardware, Dante Via transmits and receives professional quality audio via the Ethernet port to and from such endpoints.

“Audinate’s mission is to revolutionise the way AV systems are connected to allow people to thrive in a networked world”, stated Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. ”Dante Via is another example of Audinate pioneering innovation, driving the convergence of audio with an IT world.”

With Dante Via it is easy to distribute or loop back audio via the network from any application such as Skype, iTunes, Cubase, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic or Reaper.

“Dante Via opens up endless imaginative use cases,” said Gary Southwell, Audinate’s vice president of product management. “Audio from USB microphones, or any audio interface, can be routed to other rooms in the building. Dante Via extends networked audio from facilities like classrooms, houses of worship, conference rooms, to overflow rooms. You can even monitor individual streams from the network for music instruction and audio system set-up applications.”

Dante Via will be available in December, for Windows 7 and 8 and Mac OS X.