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Holo-Gauze wows during Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

‘Mind-blowing’ holographic effects enhance experience for theatre goers

Holo-Gauze, the 3D display solution from Holotronica, has made its West End debut as part of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, a spectacular new staging of the traditional masterpiece. Premiering at the London Palladium with a limited run ahead of a world tour, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games boasts incredible holographic effects from Holo-Gauze, including a dance battle featuring a holographic triptych of Michael Flatley.

Other effects utilising Holo-Gauze include fire, burning trees, sunbeams, an exploding clock, giant floating head and The Matrix-style text appearing to float in front of performers. Holo-Gauze will be utilised for the duration of the world tour, with the producers looking into new and different ways of deploying the metallic, highly-transparent gauze throughout the run.

The London Palladium run also features new costumes, new choreography and a special appearance by former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle, as well as Michael Flatley in his final West End performances. The world tour begins at the SSE Arena Wembley, London on 30 October, followed by shows in Belgium, Israel, Scandinavia, Dublin, Belfast, and South Africa, before Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games returns to the UK next year.

More affordable than traditional Pepper’s Ghost systems and easier to transport, Holo-Gauze is designed to be used with 3D polarised projection systems and can also achieve believable 2D hologram effects. The brainchild of audiovisual artist and composer Stuart Warren-Hill, Holo-Gauze was developed when Stuart required a new type of portable holographic 3D display to tour his new 3D Blu-ray and CD project, Holotronica.

“I’m delighted to see Holo-Gauze at such an influential venue as part of such a well-respected show,” said Stuart Warren-Hill. “Michael Flatley really bought into the Holo-Gauze concept and the three-battle segment of the show is very believable and has had audiences in raptures. I can’t wait to see how audiences elsewhere in the UK and around the world respond to it.”