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Eaton launches Crompack LED

The Cooper Lighting and Safety business of power management company Eaton has launched an LED version of its most successful range of fluorescent mains lighting, the Crompack. The Crompack LED is designed to meet demand for long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting in spaces such as factories, warehouses, plant rooms, corridors, hospitals and schools.

The new launch incorporates a comprehensive range of linear LED luminaires, featuring the widest range of lumen options on the market. The longer lifespan of LED solutions reduces the requirement for regular lamp changes and associated maintenance costs, particularly in 24/7 operations and inaccessible areas. The Crompack LED range also offers the option of built-in control gear for intelligent operation and an emergency standby can be incorporated.

“The new range of Crompack LEDs have been specifically developed in response to the ever increasing demand for LED lighting solutions in the market today,” commented Greg Herring, product manager for mains lighting. “The traditional preference was for fluorescent lighting, which was perceived as being lower in cost. However, this LED solution is not only highly energy efficient but has a longer life and therefore requires less maintenance, which makes the overall cost of ownership extremely competitive in the long term. Our new LED range features optical control and performance which is highly effective and ECA compliant.”

The Crompack LED is available in nominal four, five and six foot formats, ideal for both new installations and retrofit applications. The range offers lumen outputs of up to 10300 lm delivering high efficiencies of up to 114 lm/cW across three luminaire lengths. The options include dimmable control gear and a range of integrated control options providing occupancy detection and daylight harvesting to maximise energy saving, user comfort and control. Additionally, its high efficiency LED strip technology and driver combinations, with purpose design optics and thermal management, are designed to maximise control gear life and performance.