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Vivitek announces new line of NovoTouch panels

NovoTouch EK653i, EK753i and EK863i are intended for the corporate and education sectors

Vivitek has announced a line of three new NovoTouch panels with improved ‘All-in-One’ 4K displays. Encompassing both wireless collaborative touch and digital signage modes, the NovoTouch EK653i,  EK753i and EK863i are intended for the corporate and education sectors.

Switching between modes allows for both touch and non-touch interactive user experiences during meetings, while displaying safety and company messages during downtime. Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem provides a simple, centralised way of connecting, with secure and easily integrated products.

For educators, the panels come equipped with whiteboard, wireless presentation, screen recording, and G-Suite software. In addition, further education apps such as Canvas and Blackboard, can be installed through the built-in app store or manually.

For corporate users, video conferencing apps are easily available, and users can plug in a standard Windows OPS module to add the familiar Windows environment (MS Office, Skype, etc) to the panels.

The NovoTouch panels’ faster touch screen response makes for a more seamless experience, while thinner annotation lines ensure improved accuracy when highlighting or writing notes. Corporate and education users will also appreciate the latest IPS-ADS panel technology, designed to deliver excellent image quality with an anti-glare durable surface and 178-degree Hyper-Viewing Angle. In addition, the GUI is rendered at 4K resolution.

“Vivitek’s commitment to adding value for money through upgrades and new features, is apparent in the latest NovoTouch panel,” explained Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA. “Feature rich, easy to use and configure, it combines performance with value at a time when private and public sector organisations are looking to make long term investments that deliver a meaningful return on investment.”