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Visix is signage for the times at University of Las Vegas 

University of Las Vegas has now standardised its signage provision across its campus onto Visix systems

Digital signage specialist Visix has announced the next phase of its “multi-year rollout of a digital signage network” for the University of Las Vegas (UNLV), which now serves five departments with a mix of custom interactive wayfinding systems, traditional digital signage, and meeting space solutions.

The move standardises all signage on UNLV’s campus onto Visix systems as part of a consolidation programme to establish a single-vendor network servingmultiple departments. Visix says that the core consolidation strategy has been spearheaded through UNLV’s IT department, which now manages the entire network.

In addition, the Visix Creative Services team has developed custom interactive wayfinding solutions (more info on the link) which are now found in five departments, with each including unique maps and directory data to serve specific buildings and floors. UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality is also the first to launch Visix’s new-generation AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage platform.

“AxisTV Signage Suite software brings new benefits including robust video streaming support, improved content design tools, touch interactivity, and more efficient content creation workflows,” said Amy Buchanan, sales manager for Visix. “We are working closely with the IT team to migrate various departments to new hardware and software, including Visix e-paper room signs and multi-output digital signage players for video walls.”