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ISE 2020: Philips debuts new C-Line displays

Philips has unveiled a brand-new range of collaboration displays exclusively designed for corporate use.

Launched at ISE 2020 this week, the new Windows-powered C-Line series is designed to provide an all-in-one solution, with usability, collaboration and productivity at its core.

Available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 86” size variants, the C-Line series comes equipped with a wide range of dedicated features. Harnessing the familiarity of a traditional Microsoft Windows PC, users are able to play an active role in any meeting, whether physically in the room, in another office, working from home, or even another country, thanks to its screen sharing capabilities.

System administrators can integrate the displays, using their embedded professional version of the Windows operating system, into the corporate infrastructure strategy, whether this is a full Microsoft environment (Exchange, Teams, Azure, etc) or, for example, a Google implementation (GSuite, Hangouts, etc).

Running directly on the Projected Capacitive touch screen (PCAP) display, the C-Line series gives multiple participants the ability to simultaneously work on the same document via their own connected computer. The C-Line’s multiple touchpoints encourage teams to physically work together directly on the display, controlled and managed with either your hand, passive PEN (supplied in the box as standard) or via traditional keyboard and mouse.

Adding guests from outside the office network is also made fast and simple, with a dedicated dongle allowing visitors to safely and securely, wirelessly connect to the presentation via their own device – eliminating potential time-consuming compatibility and accessibility obstacles.

Harold Niericker, global product strategist at Philips, said: “With the C-Line series, we’re extremely confident we have tackled the traditional pains associated with meeting room technologies, providing a new tool-agnostic solution that will work seamlessly with the platforms already in place within organisations and bringing about true transformational change.”

The new C-Line display range is on show during ISE 2020, Hall 10, K170.