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Exclusive: Wyrestorm’s wellbeing policies in focus

Samantha Buchanan, marketing manager, answers our questions on wellbeing in AV

Samantha Buchanan, marketing manager, answers our questions, as part of our wellbeing in AV campaign, ahead of World Wellbeing Week

What does wellbeing mean to your business?
For WyreStorm, wellbeing is mainly emphasised to our staff and customers. Wellbeing is the state of comfort and happiness in workplace operations. Wellbeing is important because it allows our staff to maintain a proper work-life balance, which will then result in increased productivity. However, productivity is not the point. We truly believe an effective, happy workplace can result in the best lives for our employees and therefore customers as a result. 

What wellbeing initiatives does your business have in place?
WyreStorm is a great environment for work-life balance as we offer remote opportunities for employees. Additionally, in-house employees are encouraged to work from home when weather is not permitting. This gives staff the peace of mind that WyreStorm is not just their employer. We are more than that. We are family. In lieu of this concept, WyreStorm provides free small meal options for employees such as snacks, mac- and -cheese cups, and more, working in-office if said employees did not bring lunch. 

Have these been introduced since covid? What was in place before?
All of the wellbeing initiatives were introduced before covid. However, remote opportunities definitely increased because of the pandemic. 

How are you helping your employees with the psychological factors that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing?
Psychological factors have no doubt increased because of the pandemic and lack of socialisation. However, WyreStorm regularly has departmental and other meetings in place to try to take away those feelings. Specifically, WyreStorm holds regular creative meetings to allow employees’ talents to shine and feel heard. Our departmental leaders are encouraged to often communicate with employees remote and on-site. The use of Teams and collaboration methods have created an inclusive environment as well. 

What is in place to help individuals manage their stress?
Departmental leaders regularly meet with individuals one-on-one to discuss workload and overall wellbeing. Leaders are encouraged to be personable with staff during these hard times. 

Any initiatives in place to help improve physical fitness?
WyreStorm offers a great insurance plan that encompasses relief options for physical fitness in which employees may opt-in, as well as a reimbursement for gym memberships through its insurance programs.

The WHO have said that this pandemic is going to lead to many chronic illnesses in future due to poor working environments. such as incorrect desk set up, reduction in physical activity as employees feel guilty about taking breaks. How does you business ensure your employees are set up to work safely from home?
WyreStorm ensures that remote employees have the right set up for their remote work environments. In fact, WyreStorm actually created the Office Line, which encompasses a speakerphone and camera set that helps break down those communication barriers. The line was essentially made for these particular struggles. A great deal of our employees use the Office Line while working from home!

Hybrid working is here to stay. But humans are social creatures and need healthy interactions and relationships with others. What is your business doing to assist in this, and how is your business helping new starters build relationships with their colleagues and teams?
As mentioned earlier, many meetings take place within and outside of departments. Employees are encouraged to call each other, collaborate, and establish rapport upon first starting. Those initial conversations then turn into long-lasting bonds shared. We believe micromanagement is an ineffective way to work. Instead, we invite employees to speak with each other, ask for help, and sincerely learn throughout the process. This creates an environment that is inclusive and productive. 

Employees are working longer hours than ever before, what is your business doing to ensure good work life balance?
At WyreStorm we have salaried and hourly employees. For hourly employees, hours are within normal operations. For our salaried employees, employees are still generally staying within the 9-5 range. We have not seen an increased need to keep employee’s way over their normal eight-hour days especially in this pandemic. WyreStorm understands the challenges this pandemic brings to many individuals’ lives. We stick to a moral code of conduct and ethics.

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