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Exclusive: Focus on LDA Audio Tech wellbeing policies

Javier Barrera Martín, managing director of LDA Audio Tech, answers our questions on wellbeing in AV

What does wellbeing mean to your business?
The wellbeing of each and every one of the people who work in LDA Audio Tech is key to achieving business objectives because it directly affects productivity. Each member of the team is important and as long as they feel good, they will transmit these good vibes both to their colleagues and to our clients.

What wellbeing initiatives does your business have in place?
On the one hand, we want everyone to feel happy and comfortable working here, so we offer flexible hours according to the job position and the possibility of telecommuting. On the other hand, given that wellbeing often depends on interaction with other colleagues, we promote team-building activities as one of the pillars of our company culture.

Have these been introduced since covid? What was in place before?
We have been building a solid company culture for years, so when covid broke out, these wellbeing measures were already in place. But it is true that as a result of the pandemic and the personal cost that it has had for everyone, we have taken special care to ensure that they are complied with, reinforcing internal communication channels and enabling access to these measures for all members of the organisation. 

How are you helping your employees with the psychological factors that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing?
LDA’s structure has been further strengthened to make teleworking easier and precisely avoid the incidence of these psychological factors that have been greatly worsened during the pandemic. We have equipped ourselves with the best technological tools to make communication with the rest of the team as easy as possible and ensure that remote work results just as well as face-to-face work: use of real-time voice chat, virtual meeting rooms, training for the use of the tools, etc. And since the use of these systems necessarily implies the implementation of adequate control systems, at LDA Audio Tech we have designed them carefully so that they are not intrusive but based on the responsibility of the people and their degree of involvement in the project, in our purpose as a company, which in turn conveys a message that generates more confidence and motivation.

The WHO has said that this pandemic is going to lead to many chronic illnesses in future due to poor working environments. such as incorrect desk set up, reduction in physical activity as employees have guilt about taking breaks. How does your business ensure your employees are set up to work safely from home?
All our workers have access to the furniture and equipment necessary to carry out their work, regardless of their location. We attend to any specific need and look for the best solutions to ensure that each member of the team can work comfortably and without material limitations.

Hybrid working is here to stay. But humans are social creatures and need healthy interactions and relationships with others. What is your business doing to assist in this? How is your business helping new starters build relationships with their colleagues and teams?
Our staff is made up of young professionals full of interests, not only professional but also personal. This generates a high level of social interaction that we like to encourage because it greatly improves day-to-day work dynamics. So when we welcome new colleagues who will adopt hybrid work dynamics, we encourage socialising and team building activities inside and outside working hours, to establish those personal ties with the rest of the team that are so important in the long term. Role-play dynamics, sports competitions and online recreational activities are some examples of what someone who joins LDA Audio Tech can find.

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