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New Clear-Com V-Series IrisX Panel shines bright

New launch provides brighter displays, lower latency, flexible connection options, role-based workflows and network redundancy

The new V-Series IrisX IP Panel from Clear-Com expands the capabilities of the original V-Series Iris Panel, delivering new thin-film-transistor (TFT) displays for increased brightness and better resolution combined with the V-Series Iris’ lower latency and increased port capacity.

IrisX fits naturally into IP-based productions with AES67 connectivity and dual NIC connections. Along with all V-Series Panels, IrisX will take advantage of key new features found in Eclipse HX software including role-based workflows and several redundancy measures, including N+1 card redundancy and network redundancy. Additional benefits of IrisX include capacity for three concurrent full duplex uncompressed audio streams and backward compatibility with MVX-A16 and IVC-32 cards.

New TFT displays in IrisX enable higher resolution and increased variation in brightness for clearer label information and data display, whether a user chooses a dim viewing option in a dark theatre, or the brightest setting for viewing in direct sunlight at an outdoor event. The new displays are said to be far more resistant to burn-in or fading, thus allowing for a significantly longer overall lifespan.

With the ability to provide up to 64 ports when combined with just a single E-IPA card, and less than 10 ms audio latency from IrisX panel to frame via an AES67 connection, IrisX is upping the game and delivering additional value to users. IrisX supports three different connection options with a direct 4-wire, AES67 or the Clear-Com’s proprietary I.V. Core protocol, ideal for applications that are reliant on the public internet.

“As display technologies improve, we want to bring those advantages to our users. We have developed IrisX based on feedback from users in the field across multiple market areas who are looking for increased brightness and resolution, and we believe they will be thrilled with the new features and functionality,” said Stephen Sandford, senior product manager for Clear-Com. “We’re excited for our customers to get their hands – and eyes – on these new panels!”

IrisX is available in a variety of models that include 12, 24, or 32 keys in Rotary, Lever, and Pushbutton varieties, as well as expansion panels.