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Kordz guide explains how to spot the difference between good and bad cable 

Kordz helps integrators identify the best quality cable for the job in ‘Seven Little Known Signs of Quality Category Cable’

To help integrators zero in on the best category cable, Kordz has released ‘Seven Little Known Signs of Quality Category Cable’, a free guide, written for dealers and integrators by the company’s resident cabling experts. The guide looks at the construction and materials of cables and performance specs.

‘Seven Little Known Signs of Quality Category Cable’ identifies seven key attributes to look for to ensure that the internal foundation of a home or business is reliable, stable, and stands the test of time. The comprehensive guide is touted as a must-read for dealers who want to elevate their networking knowledge and expertise, choose the right cable for the job, and save money in return.

“Category cables are the unsung heroes of modern living that enable our emails to fly across the globe and our favourite cat videos to stream seamlessly,” said James Chen, Kordz managing director. “Yet, here’s the thing: not all category cables are created equal. Inside each cable, a whole world of construction, materials, engineering, and production methodologies comes into play. It’s therefore vital that integrators choose wisely, and our guide points them in the right direction.”