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Cloud-based home management market set for rapid growth

The number of Cloud-based home management services in operation is set to hit 45 million by 2018.

Cloud-based home management systems that allow users to remotely control household features such as energy management, HVAC control, home monitoring and lighting control are set to continue growing rapidly, with the installed base rising eightfold from 2013 to 2018.

Research from IHS, Smart Home Subscribers Intelligence Service, predicts that there will be an installed base of 45 million global Cloud-based home management services by 2018.

Smart home specialists including home automation providers, such as Control4 or Savant Systems, and connected home specialists, such as Nest, Revolv or SmartThing, will account for the highest proportion of the market. However, other companies, including security providers, telecommunications and utilities are gaining market share, impacting the pricing models for provision of equipment and services.

Device suppliers are expected to include the service within the upfront device cost. Service providers will generally require ongoing monthly fees, some charging up to $60 per month.

The graph shows the smart home service installed base by fee band, 2012-2018 (%).