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Tripleplay provides scalable IPTV platform at Australian mine

The mining company Chinova Resources has selected a Tripleplay TripleTV IPTV solution delivered via the TripleChoice Interactive TV Portal to provide television and information services to its staff in a remote mine in Queensland.

The minerals and precious metals mined include copper, gold, molybdenum, rhenium, uranium, lead, zinc and silver. With the nearest major city almost three and a half hours away by airplane, staff often spend their personal time on site. Therefore Chinova felt it was necessary to provide them with home comforts, such as a good TV service.

Jon O’Brien, IT manager at Chinova Resources commented: “We have a very remote camp at one of our mines and needed a solution that was very ‘hands-off’ and required limited support as, should something go wrong, it would be very difficult to get somebody physically on site in a timely manner.”

Tripleplay solutions are already deployed in a number of mines, and following research into the IPTV industry O’Brien felt Tripleplay was the right choice.

He added: “We needed a seamless IPTV solution that allowed us to deliver entertainment to all of our sites that was scalable and high quality; as the camp grew then the solution needed to grow too. When we saw Tripleplay we knew this was the right solution for us.”

The TripleTV IPTV solution chosen gave Chinova the opportunity to brand the television service with their own logos and photography and provide information services to staff through special pages in the TV system.

The Tripleplay solution delivers 14 channels to staff including ABC1, Channel 9, Fox Sports 1, 2 and 3, Premiere Blockbuster, Action and Sky News, and provides each member of staff with the ability to record and store TV shows.

Initially the system had to provide an IPTV services to just 12 staff at the camp, scaling to over 300 end points over the next 18 months with the growth of the mine.

Prior to engaging with Tripleplay and, Tripleplay Authorised Partner, Streamvision, Chinova had been using an out-dated analogue TV infrastructure, which was proving very cumbersome following broadcast’s move to digital distribution.

O’Brien explained: “We were having to patch a digital solution onto a very out-dated analogue system which was hugely time consuming, painful and was not easy to add new channels to our line-up. Using Tripleplay it is now much easier for us to manage our room costs as we can decrease or increase our user count as needed.”

The Tripleplay IPTV platform was installed into a shipping container and delivered before being connected to the existing Chinova IP network and managed remotely by an IT team located 40km away at another mining operation.

O’Brien added: “Our staff on site are rapt with the solution. The channels for both free-to-air and pay-TV are crystal clear and staff can record TV shows to watch back at another time. We’re delighted that it is giving our staff a greater home from home experience while they are with us.”

On working with partners Streamvision, O’Brien said: “Streamvision know the technology and understand our industry so we were delighted to work with them on this project, their relationship with and knowledge of Tripleplay has helped ensure that any problems were quickly overcome and we have been able to make great progress in advancing the services at our camp.

“We’re delighted with the solution, feel we made the right choice and can look ahead to growing the camp in a stress free and simple manner in future.”

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