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Chesil Theatre illuminated with Philips Selecon LED Technology

Winchester's 75-seat Chesil Theatre has invested in Philips Selecon's PLprofile1s, PLfresnel1s, and PLcyc1s in an upgrade to LED following an extensive shootout comparing results with its existing tungsten rig.

The Chesil Theatre, Winchester, UK, which is home of the 150-year-old Winchester Dramatic Society and is housed in a superb medieval building, has installed a selection of Philips Selecon LED lighting fixtures.

The 75-seat Chesil Theatre’s programme runs from classics to new writing, tragedy to farce, and historical to experimental.

As soon as the new equipment arrivied (before it was installed), the venue invited its five in-house experienced lighting designers, and 10 representatives from six theatres in the region to an LED workshop to demo its new Selecon fixtures, throwing up positive results…

The chosen solution uses three Philips Selecon PLprofile1s, five PLfresnel1s, and five PLcyc1s to reduce power consumption and simplify colour changing and control in the theatre.

“The theatre has a good conventional lighting rig of about 70 lanterns, built up over many years,” commented Peter Vincent, lighting manager at the Chesil Theatre, who specified the LED Selecon fixtures. “Selecon’s PL range was a logical next step to replace some stock, and complement others. For us, they behave like proper theatrical lanterns with a common RGBW engine, user interface, and dimming curve.”

“We can now achieve such a wide range of colours which can be selected and changed instantly from the lighting desk,” he continued. “We can therefore spend more time getting the focusing right and can adjust this without the need for gloves as they run almost stone cold! They are also energy efficient and use no more than about 130W with all four colours full on. Not only that we can use the same unit for multiple roles in the same production simply by using a different colour and intensity.”