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Casio Projectors: living up to the demands of green AV

Phil Clark, head of projection at Casio spoke to us about current trends in projection technology, revealing how the company is meeting the demands of AV buyers who are now more environmentally conscious than ever.

Will there come a point when laser/hybrid projectors can match the lumens output of the current highest-performing lamp-based projector? If so, when do you think will this be?

While performance is important, it is equally key that creating a lamp free projector which exceeds the performance of a lamp-based projector (in terms of lumens outputs) does not override the need for safe or green projection technology.

There are many other factors – such as total cost of ownership (TCO), projector life-span and the eradication of harmful substances (such as Mercury) – that make laser and hybrid projectors an obvious choice for many.

Prices of large-format LCD displays are falling; with little to no maintenance costs and easy installation, how are small to medium-sized projector manufacturers adding value to ensure their products aren’t overlooked in the display technologies market?

Lamp free solutions provide a great alternative when considering cost per inch, maintenance costs and life span when compared to other display technologies on the market. Yet for some end users when considering a display purchase the real value lies in the application and use of that projector – whether in a classroom or boardroom.

It is the portable nature of a projector that makes it a more practical and appealing purchase. Users are not refined to a particular setting or room when using a projector as the lack of a physical bezel or screen allows for a more creative application. Nowadays the idea of a static projector, which can only be projected on a flat surface is outdated. People are looking for more ways to interact with projection technology and we are helping them do this.

What key benefits are UST projectors bringing meeting and education environments?

Casio’s UST projector has been created with the education industry in mind and there are three features that means the technology is perfect for a classroom or boardroom environment:

1)Close projection proximity limits the need for more space: The Casio UST projector can project a large 80-inch image from a distance as near as 27 centimetres, meaning a large high quality image can be projected in a relatively small boardroom or classroom space

2)Cost effective solution per square inch:The large projection image of a UST– which can be mounted on multiple surfaces – gives LFD and ILFD a run for its money from a cost per square inch perspective

3)Virtually eliminates shadowing:Designed to deliver a more engaging and visual learning environment the UST projector virtually eliminates overshadowing which allows teachers/users to interact with the screen at close range

What trends do you see developing in the projection technology landscape?
We know there is pressure on AV buyers to reduce their carbon-footprint, achieve longer product life times and advance AV functionality – all whilst reducing costs – so improving ‘green’ credentials further will be key to success for AV vendors moving forward. With more organisations beginning to recognise both the cost and environmental benefits of lamp-free projectors, models such as the hybrid, LED and laser projector will no doubt continue to grow in popularity.