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Vaddio unveils EasyIP Ecosystem

The EasyIP Ecosystem Base Kit includes an EasyIP Decoder, Easy IP 10 Camera and a pre-configured Luxul AMS-1208 Switch

Vaddio has announced the launch of its EasyIP Ecosystem – an AV-over-IP conferencing system. The EasyIP provides simple, flexible and industry-leading video quality over a standard 1Gb Ethernet network.

Hosting the video and camera on the same IP infrastructure, Vaddio enables multiple meeting room cameras to connect simultaneously and easily switch between different viewpoints via a network without the requirement of a switcher.

Arnoud Helmantel, product manager for Vaddio EMEA, commented: “The EasyIP Ecosystem eliminates the need for teams to purchase expensive video switchers, controllers, extension systems and dedicated processing devices thanks to the intelligence we build into our cameras. This not only provides resellers with a more profitable offering that’s quick and easy to install, but end users have an advanced conferencing suite without complicated technology.”

Included in the EasyIP Ecosystem Base Kit is an EasyIP Decoder, Easy IP 10 Camera and a pre-configured Luxul AMS-1208 Switch.

Providing a standard UVC USB 3.0 stream of video and audio for web-based conferencing systems connected to PC and BYOD devices, Vaddio’s EasyIP 10 Camera sends video and control signals to two EasyIP Decoders.

Each EasyIP Decoder can smoothly switch between four EasyIP 10 Cameras, which send 1080p / 60fps feeds via the 1 Gb Luxul AMS-1208 PoE+ switch. By eliminating challenges and costs of USB extensions, Vaddio is offering a more affordable solution to traditional extension systems.

Darrin Thurston, VP and general manager at Vaddio, added: “With the EasyIP, Vaddio is bringing our ‘Art of Easy’ legacy in AV to the world of IP. We’re constantly striving to bring new innovations and easy-to-use networked audio and video products and this is no exception.”

A complete out-of-the-box solution, the EasyIP is suited to medium and large conference rooms, lecture theatres and classrooms, large spaces with room dividers or partitions, for uninterrupted video conference calls.