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Logitech’s cloud-based software expands to support remote workers

Sync now works with webcams, headsets and Logi Dock for a comprehensive device management solution that extends to home offices and personal workspaces

Logitech has announced a major update to its Sync device management platform, built to support the modern, hybrid workforce. Sync now supports personal collaboration devices, such as webcams, headsets, and docking stations, making it easy for IT to manage conference rooms and workstations from a single cloud-based interface.

With more than half of all global knowledge workers working remotely, and a majority of workers (83%) preferring a hybrid work arrangement in the future, according to the Accenture Future of Work Study 2021, Logitech sees the Sync update as a boon for IT professionals, solving a “potential productivity crisis”, according to Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president, Logitech Video Collaboration.

“Remote work and collaboration tools in many ways saved the global economy and allowed all of us to maintain our productivity through the pandemic,” he explained. “But it also created an enormous problem now that hundreds of millions of people are at home and IT teams have limited to no visibility into tech issues and how to troubleshoot this. This is a potential productivity crisis. Logitech Sync solves this critical problem by extending these views of what’s happening in the office to the home (or anywhere else), not to mention a whole new frontier of insights and analytics to keep our organisations humming and thriving.”

Sync simplifies IT operations, easing some of the headaches associated with supporting distributed teams. Through a single web-based platform, IT managers can push firmware updates and enable new features to thousands of meeting rooms and millions of personal collaboration devices alike, reducing potential issues before they become trouble tickets and bring productivity to a halt. Sync works across the most popular cloud collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, so the IT team can get visibility on all of their devices, regardless of which platform they use.