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Windy City hotel install encompasses smart AV

Martin Audio CDD technology helps Nobu Hotel Chicago up its audio game, with the help of Encompass AV and 'Pickett'

The latest in a series of recent Martin Audio installs has taken place at the Nobu Hotel Chicago, where the pro audio specialist was part of an AV refit where technology was required to ‘contribute to the guest experience’.

Encompass AV and Martin Audio were brought in to install the new audio system, using structured cabling to provide improved network infrastructure for the Martin Audio CDD series system to run off, with the company’s differential dispersion technology enabling even coverage throughout the hotel.

The project team decided on a similar system design for each public space with the CDD series forming the backbone of the solution in each area. “With Nobu Hotel Chicago, we’re looking for even coverage with a really tight, nice low end throughout the entire space,” explained Pickett*. “We wanted people to be able to walk through every area and not hear any dropouts or comb filtering, and we were able to accomplish that with the CDD series.”

The CDD (coaxial differential dispersion) technology “achieves ‘point source’ summation of the LF and HF sections — eliminating off-axis variations in frequency response associated with non-coaxial designs”. The company said it also improves on conventional coaxial designs “thanks to the static waveguide that merges with the unique cone shape to maintain the dispersion pattern all the way out into very high frequencies”.

Another factor in the use of the CDD series was design. “In areas like the rooftop bar we were able to hide all the CDD6 speakers above the ceiling, so you really don’t see them,” continued Pickett. “It made a lot more sense to us to use more of the smaller cabinets which could be installed out of sight more easily, than fewer of the larger CDD family members that could have been more of a challenge to hide.”

Pickett gave his or her summary of the successful outcome of the project. “The real prize in the building is the restaurant,” he or she said. “High-quality sound and even coverage were definitely requirements. They needed that feeling where you walk into a high-end restaurant and it sounds the part, that it has that feel to it and carries that energy with it. The CDD6 was able to deliver this perfectly. The sound is phenomenal.”

*We are currently unable to attribute ‘Pickett’ to a company or role within the project. We are hunting down the missing pieces of this glaring mystery and will update as soon the information is found…