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Powersoft bolsters install range with new DSP+ models

Supported by a free update to ArmoníaPlus, the new Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+ amps incorporate AES67 compliance

Powersoft has further enhanced its fixed-install product range by introducing AES67-compatible versions of its popular Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifier platforms.

The new models, called Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+, are able to receive audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams compliant with the AES67 standard, which allows high-performance streaming AoIP interoperability across different networking systems.

The introduction of the new DSP+ models will enable systems integrators to take advantage of the growing number of AES67-native audio products,  while the v2.4 update to ArmoníaPlus will streamline the configuration process by allowing users to configure both the AES67 inputs and DSP settings of the amplifiers in the same software.

All Powersoft amplifiers featuring a Dante card, including Duecanali DSP+D and Quattrocanali DSP+D models, can also be configured to work with AES67 audio streams by enabling AES67 mode in ArmoníaPlus or Dante Controller.

“We are delighted to introduce these new amplifiers, which will give our fixed-installation customers even more flexibility by supporting a wider choice of digital audio protocols,” comments Powersoft product management specialist Giorgio Carminati. “With almost 3,000 AES67-compatible products now on the market, there’s no better time to launch the Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+ amplifiers, which act as a perfect complement to our existing DSP+D range.”

Suitable for larger installed sound reinforcement systems, the two-channel Duecanali series offers low power consumption and heat dissipation, “superior audio quality, and reliable performance” in a compact, lightweight unit. With four channels, Lo-Z and 70V/100V distributed lines and low operating costs, Quattrocanali is said to be “perfect” for small- to medium-size installations where flexibility is key. All Duecanali and Quattrocanali DSP+ and DSP+D models also benefit from state-of-the-art built-in signal processing.

ArmoníaPlus 2.4 – which also adds support for the T Series touring amplifier – is available to download now from