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LEA Professional set to make waves in the Mid-Atlantic by bringing aboard SKMac

Partnership with manufacturer’s representative firm set to strengthen manufacturer's presence in the US Mid-Atlantic region

LEA Professional, the industry-leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, cloud- and IoT-based pro-audio amplifiers, has announced its partnership with manufacturer’s representative firm SKMac, to strengthen the company’s presence and rapidly-growing customer base in the US Mid-Atlantic region.

With over 95 years of providing system solutions and innovative products to pro audio integrators, contractors, consultants, and dealers within the region, SKMac is well known for going above and beyond in providing more than just the basic needs of their clients.

The SKMac team of experienced AV professionals expertly represent many of the industry’s premier manufacturers by delivering best-in-class sales, service, and technical support and a wealth of business insights for their customers’ long-term success.

“LEA’s market approach, like ours, is unconventional; their high levels of integrity, technology horsepower, and amazing customer service are very refreshing and greatly valued by the entire channel,” said Perry D’Angelo, president, SKMac. “It has been energising to work with Scott Robbins and the entire LEA team in making this partnership happen. We are very excited to offer LEA connected amplifier solutions to our customers.”

Unique within the industry, all LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. This cloud platform allows integrators to control and monitor critical operational data points that are integral to maintaining system health securely and remotely. These cloud capabilities deliver greater visibility and response time, enhancing preventative maintenance, simplifying troubleshooting, and cutting down or eliminating on-site maintenance requirements.

SKMac focuses on serving the US Mid-Atlantic states, including Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey. Sector-wise, SKMac has a long history with markets as diverse as healthcare, houses of worship, corporate, government, IT, live sound and production, and everything in between.

“SKMac’s strong commitment to business ethics and principles and their ability to provide unparalleled service and support make them a perfect partner for our company,” said Scott Robbins, VP of sales, LEA Professional. “The company’s deep industry experience, long-held relationships, and the customer loyalty they enjoy with their customers will allow us to make waves as well within this critical region.”