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‘Good comms makes good shows’: National Theatre of Iceland opts for Sennheiser Digital 6000 systems

Þjóðleikhúsið now relies on Digital 6000 wireless microphones

Þjóðleikhúsið, the National Theatre of Iceland, has upgraded its infrastructure to incorporate Sennheiser digital wireless systems. 

When the theatre decided it was time to update the venue’s audio equipment, Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 wireless microphone system – including the ultra-compact SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitter – was the choice for Kristinn Gauti Einarsson, head of sound at the venue.

Despite staging three different shows every day and more than 10 premieres each year across its five stages, the National Theatre of Iceland is operated with a leaner team and budget than most national theatres. As such, Einarsson has worked with the same musical composer, set designer and director for six years. 

“It’s so amazing to start new, great shows with the same team. Our collaboration and coordination get better all the time,” explained Einarsson. “We are successful because 90 percent of the job is communication – and good communication makes good shows.” This trust and relationship extend to the equipment as well: “Our theatre has used Sennheiser in the past and their products have been rock-solid.”

When making the switch to digital, the National Theatre acquired a 32-channel Digital 6000 wireless microphone system with Sennheiser SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitters.

“The small SK 6212 transmitters are a very convenient option for theatres,” added Einarsson. “You can hide them easily and the actors sometimes forget that they are wearing them. We no longer have to worry about batteries because the SK 6212s last the whole day.” 

The transmitter batteries are recharged in the rack-mount L 6000 charger. In addition, the rechargeable battery technology helps the team to improve their environmental footprint.

With Digital 6000, the National Theatre of Iceland is seeking to build another long-lasting professional relationship, said Einarsson: “Our Sennheiser EM 1046 from the nineties still works perfectly even though it is nearly as old as me. Our experience of the Digital 6000 has confirmed that Sennheiser is just as reliable today.”