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Barix announces Q2 webinar schedule for audio-over-IP

Webinars designed to "inform and inspire with in-depth, technical insights"

Barix, supplier of audio-over-IP solutions and components, has announced the schedule for its newest series of webinars, which are designed to “inform and inspire systems integrators, installers, service providers and AV managers with in-depth, technical insights about key trends in audio-over-IP”.

Two of the sessions will focus on key considerations and opportunities in upgrading analogue speakers and audio installations to IP, while the remaining webinars explore the use of streaming audio over IP for background music systems in retail environments and other public spaces.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • Pros and Cons of Upgrading an Existing Audio Installation to IP – Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 10am CET (11am GMT). This webinar will discuss why IP is important for systems integrators in project tenders; key system design considerations; differences between analog and digital installation processes; an overview of IP-enabled functionality and applications; and security factors. It will conclude with a live demonstration of Barix’s IP Former analog-to-IP speaker upgrade solution.
  • Effectively Making Audio Installations IP Manageable – Tuesday, May 18 at 10am CET (11am GMT). This webinar will explore important steps in upgrading analog audio installations to IP, including key details the IT department needs to know; effectively planning the transition; common challenges and solutions; connecting and configuring the networked audio devices; and customisation. It will wrap up with a live demonstration of Barix’s IP Former hardware and management interface.
  • Building a Scalable Background Music System (for Music Providers)”– Tuesday, June 22 at 10am CET (11am GMT). This session will instruct music service providers on key considerations when designing and implementing a multi-site background music streaming system for retail, hospitality, and corporate environments. Discussions will include the solution architecture; device distribution; maintenance planning; ad insertion; local announcements; and a live demonstration of Barix’s RetailPlayer platform.
  • How to Reduce the Installation Cost and Maintenance of a Background Music System”– Tuesday, July 20 at 10am (11am GMT). Deployment and operational costs can be among the most important elements of any background music (BGM) system. This webinar explores ways to minimise installation time and costs; functions that make a BGM system more valuable; the advantages of cloud-based management; ad insertion; and more. It concludes with a live RetailPlayer demonstration.

Barix will also be partnering with AVIXA to offer an Italian-language webinar, ‘Audio over IP for Distribution of Background Music: Planning, Management and Control,’ on Wednesday, May 5. This session will cover technical issues related to distributing background music for in-store’ applications, including key components and techniques; installation planning; and the interaction between embedded audio devices at multiple endpoints and centralised, cloud-based control.

For more information on these sessions or to register to attend, visit