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Anthem AV signs MSR Acoustics

An exclusive distribution agreement has been reached between Sussex-based Anthem AV solutions and MSR Acoustics. Anthem will now stock MSR’s range of Melody and Sonata sound and noise control systems, as well as the company’s SpringTraps solutions.

The dimension4 Sonata system is the workhorse of acoustical tuning for home theatres. It incorporates a set of cost- effective systems with high performance absorbers – including bass absorber traps – and an array of diffuser patterns that enhance a room’s sound to audiophile standards. Sonata is available in six ranges of room sizes.

On the other hand, the Dimension4 Melody system is a high-value acoustic treatment solution for enhanced sound control for the budget-conscious home theatre enthusiast. Melody is available in four ranges of room sizes. The solution consists of absorbers, diffusers and bass absorber traps.

The Spring Trap Bass absorber, meanwhile, is an innovative high efficiency bass trap made of a spring-loaded pistonic diaphragm and triple ported resonator chamber. The SpringTrap works from30Hz to 100Hz and controls standing waves like nothing else.

The more specialised Dimension4 Concerto and Dimension4 Symphony systems from MSR Acoustics will be available by special order.