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Analysis : IoT presents massive security challenges

Security is the number one challenge threatening Internet of Things deployments. The technology offers great opportunities but in interconnected environments the security risk increases exponentially and is potentially limitless.

The nature of the rising number of attacks from malicious entities is broad: physical attack; compromise of credentials; configuration, protocol and network attacks as well as user identity and privacy threats. They can occur before and after device deployment.

With more connected devices worldwide, there is a major threat to the safety and operation of products and services, including building management, vehicles, healthcare, financial services and utility supply.

“Security cannot be bolted on as an afterthought. Devices must be inherently secure by design and default, at all stages of deployment. It requires proactive management and offers potential for vendors and consultants to offer guidance and advice to organizations to maximize security of their IoT devices,” said Laura DiDio, director of enterprise IOT and analytics at Strategy Analytics.

Source: Strategic Analytics