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AMX launches latest pair of meeting room presentation switchers

According to AMX, the new Enova models have been designed to create a new market for remote support of multiple connection points in conference rooms, classrooms and flexible meeting spaces.

Automation and integration solutions provider AMX has unveiled its newest pair of all-in-one presentation switchers the Enova DVX-3156HD models (DVX-3156HD-SP and DVX-3156HD-T).

The new devices feature four built-in AMX DXLink distance transport inputs – two more than any other presentation switcher, according to the company. The models are said to be ideally suited to support conference rooms and classrooms that require multiple distant connection points. This includes classrooms requiring connectivity at multiple tables plus a lectern; or conference rooms requiring multiple connection points at the conference table, on a wall plate, or at a podium. Flexible meeting spaces that require additional distant transport options to accommodate flexible configurations are also ideal applications.

In addition to robust DXLink support, the Enova DVX-3156 also features two multi-format inputs to distribute just analogue or digital sources, four HDMI inputs and all the core functionality that has fuelled the growth of the DVX family to ten configurations to date. This includes a complete AV/IT platform for audio, video and networked control and exclusive AMX technologies on every output like SmartScale for perfectly scaled video on every connected display. Also onboard is InstaGate Pro, which addresses key constraints and delays posed by HDMI/HDCP; drastically speeding installation time. And, to boost convenience and reduce installation time even further, the Enova DVX-3156 has already been integrated into the AMX Rapid Project Maker cloud-based configuration tool to offer dealers the ability to immediately begin incorporating the DVX-3156 into applicable system designs.