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Adamson debuts S-Series line array system at Prolight + Sound

Adamson introduced the S-Series sub-compact line array system last week at Prolight + Sound. The series consists of the S10 line array enclosure, S119 subwoofer, Blueprint AV and the E-rack.

The S10 is a two-way, full range, sub-compact line array enclosure for mid-size arenas, theatres, and churches, as well as outdoor festivals. Due to extensive boundary element testing, the chamber exhibits increased vertical response with minimal sacrifice of high frequency energy in the far field, with a maximum output of SPL 141.3 dB.

The S10 also features Adamson’s patent-pending Controlled Summation Technology a design method that brings the LF drivers as close together as possible, while symmetrically outwardly splaying them. The end result increases usable frequency range while decreasing summation at the crossover point, reducing interference.

The S119 subwoofer has a lightweight, long excursion, 19² ND19 Kevlar Neodymium driver utilising Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and a 5² voice coil for power handling. It is mounted in a front-loaded enclosure, designed to reproduce clean, musical low frequency information.

The S-Series utilises Adamson’s new SlideLockTM Rigging System, which allows angles to be set prior to lifting, which then fall into place when weight is taken. A stacking pin is also present to maintain proper enclosure angles when ground stacked. The S10 enclosure is also available as the S10i, utilising a plated rigging system for permanent installation.

The S-Series is designed to be powered by the E-Rack, Adamson’s unified rack solution that interfaces with and powers the S Series as well as the full range of Adamson loudspeaker products.

The E-Rack incorporates Lab.gruppen amplification, combined with I/O and industry standard power connections, as well as a 20 port managed Ethernet switch to route dual-redundant Dante and control signal.