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Absen strengthens Norwegian ties with airport signage installs

Absen LED panels have been installed in Norway’s Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim airports, specified by Clear Channel Norway.

Absen LED panels have been installed in Norway’s Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim airports, which further enhances the company’s relationship with Clear Channel Norway (CCN), the out-of-home advertising company that has specified Absen solutions for several installs in Norway.

Absen European managing director Ruben Rengel called it: ”one of the most accomplished digital signage solutions in a European Airport to date.”

The first solution is in Stavenger Airport’s (Sola) luggage arrival hall where Absen AI03 3.9mm pixel pitch panels have been fitted for a 57sqm screen. The second install is a 20sqm screen deployed in the departure lounge of Bergen (Flesland) Airport, and lastly a 7sqm screen in the luggage arrival zone in Trondheim Airport, Værnes. Content on each screen is run by a computer and a special graphic card with four DVI outputs.

“The Stavanger installation in particular was a wish from CCN to install a high resolution, high impact screen for the end user, in an attempt to satisfy and attract high profile advertisers,” commented Rengel. “The 57sqm screen not only gives a great opportunity for advertisers to get their message across, it serves as a fantastic reference for CCN expertise in providing state of the art digital signage solutions.”

“We have tested a lot of brands and we realised that Absen had one of the best quality LED panels on the market at a price that is competitive, so the decision to deploy LED screens of various sizes for these airport projects was a no brainer,” said Jonas Michael, head of digital development and operations at Clear Channel Norway.

To ensure reliability Absen has developed a SNMP (single network management protocol) monitoring solution. The monitoring protocol, which counts 3,500 digital assets in Norway including internet connectors, panels, and screens, gives information about LED panel failure and heat emission, which are then sent to the CCN remote monitoring server.

“The Absen LED panels are not just well performing, they offer reliability as standard, and we can prove it with Absen’s SNMP system,” commented Michael. “Because we can see that the failure rate of the LED panels are extremely low, its makes CCN even more confident in investing in the Absen brand. The SNMP is a great example of Absen’s capacity to listen to feedback and come back with even better solutions. To be able to count on such a level of performance and reliability gives us peace of mind.”

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