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Graham Fry on what’s next for the newly merged SCC AVS

SCC acquired avsnet in November last year as the IT services company sought to become a player in the visual communications and collaboration space. Managing director Graham Fry explains how the merged SCC AVS will operate

How did the acquisition come about and for how long was it in the works?
As is often the case in all great marriages, our union arose naturally.

The acquisition has united two exceptional heritages – we have blended together avsnet’s extensive expertise earned over the last 15 years with the ability to deliver true end-to-end solutions.

Organisations expect a full service wrap from their collaboration and AV solutions. AV shouldn’t be treated as a standalone investment, rather an important business and technology decision that involves everything from security and the network to how solutions are financed and supported.

By leveraging SCC’s broad range of IT capabilities, we are providing companies with the tools they need to work productively 24/7.

‘AV shouldn’t be treated as a standalone investment, rather an important business and technology decision that involves everything’

How does it change how SCC AVS will operate?
This brings us far more opportunity while ensuring we can effectively meet the demands of our enterprise customers and the scale at which they operate.

In recent years, greater numbers of large companies have recognised our ability to deliver innovative, tailored solutions. Forming SCC AVS is a natural progression of our mission and our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

There’s been a significant spike in the number of integrator acquisitions over the last year or so. What do you attribute this to?
Collaboration is now part of digital transformation and organisations that collaborate better are proven to grow faster. We’ve reached an inflection point, one where decision-makers in larger corporates have recognised that the business value from better collaboration extends far beyond obvious benefits such as time and travel savings.

This demand for collaboration has been reflected in the market with larger IT providers and systems integrators searching for specialist, creative providers to bolster their own offerings.

What are your plans for the company’s next stage?
We have already successfully merged our two teams and operational integrations are almost complete.

Our immediate focus will be on driving opportunities through SCC’s business, educating our partners and customers of our wider capabilities, and communicating the business benefits to a broader community on a much larger scale.

AV as a Service (AVaaS) has been highlighted as a key development in the channel. Is this the direction you see things going?
AV as a Service has been a major trend for years – people want a business outcome with an SLA.

Joining forces with SCC enables us to be even more creative with how we financially support our customers, especially now with our access to the wider Rigby Group and an even stronger relationship with Rigby Capital.

We are not bound by traditional lending methods and can deliver tailored commercial solutions that simplify how businesses procure and invest in collaboration.

Companies want simplicity and consistency. That means regular payments spread over a time period unique to their balance sheet that allows them to refresh solutions as technology develops and improves.

In our home lives, we’ve had this a long time. We all know what our smartphone, TV and utilities will cost us, there are no surprises. Businesses want exactly the same – the flexibility to move with the times without ever being tied into expensive and restrictive contracts.

Our capabilities in this area really separate us from others in the industry.