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Generating ideas, boosting collaboration and streamlining processes through AV

Carl Sheen, head of training and development at Genee World, explores ways AV technology can be used to generate ideas, boost collaboration and streamline processes

Whether it’s education, corporate or HR, AV technology can provide infinite opportunities to help children, teachers, employees and trainers teach and learn more effectively.

Not only does AV technology provide a more effective way to deliver presentations and host meetings, but it can also enhance everyone’s ability to develop great ideas, collaborate more and streamline processes to save time, money and hassle. Clearly, these are all important aspects of working effectively with a team of colleagues or with a group of students, so what are the right things to be using and how can they work for you?

Broadclyst Community Primary School

Broadclyst is a forward-thinking school based in Exeter, known for its innovative and immersive use of IT and digital media. They recently created the Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC), a business initiative that gets students from across the globe working together.

The GEC is a business initiative run by the school, teaching students highly valuable skills including product design, market research, manufacture and marketing; putting learning into a real-life context. The challenge gives students the opportunity to work together and compete against peers around the world; none of which would be possible without the use of AV technology, including interactive touchscreens and cloud technology. This year at Bett, the world’s largest education technology show, students from the school were able to conduct a live lesson with classmates in a different location using interactive hardware and software technology. This gave them an opportunity to develop their soft skills; growing their confidence by interacting and working as a team with new people.

This technology enabled children to collaborate together in more ways, using multi-authoring functionality. This project gave the students a unique experience that encouraged them to be creative, share ideas, annotate work and share it with the other groups in the various locations and start to find solutions to any problems they were facing. Teaching and learning in this way allows for a generation of in-depth discussion, enabling students to develop skills, boost productivity and encourage both independent working and collaboration. The idea behind this project was that collaboration can happen across classrooms, regardless of location or timezone, and this is something that can be applicable to any sector, not just education.


The Titan Partnership is a collective of educational establishments based in Birmingham. Its Initial Teacher Training Programme is a popular localised approach to training teachers for inner-city schools. The programme combines their unique approach and innovative AV technology, which collectively creates an interactive environment for trainees to learn and build their skills.

Through updated technology provision, a whole new dimension has been created for trainees. The introduction of a new interactive touchscreen has improved presentations and helped foster a more collaborative and interactive environment for trainees to learn and build skills.

They have benefitted greatly from their investment, not least by improving their appearance to other businesses, highlighting that it is aligned with the needs of schools and ensuring that teaching is the best it can be. The team wanted to demonstrate the powerful potential that AV technology presents in the classroom, and this is reflected in its training programme, in order to better equip trainees.

Compass wealth management

Compass Wealth Management provides tailored advice to corporate and personal clients across the West Midlands and has particular expertise in designing tailored financial solutions for business owners and professionals. They made the decision to invest in an interactive touchscreen to use across their office as well as with both current and perspective clients.

Compass has wholeheartedly embraced technology across their business, but especially in meetings and presentations. Through the use of AV technology, the business has achieved a new level of sleek efficiency that has been instrumental in gaining new clients and winning more business.

They have also used their screen to display stock market performance alongside investment fund performance and the size and scale of the graphics creates a powerful impact in any meeting. They also display brochures, information and products videos on the screen to demonstrate the professionalism of their business and the office they work from.

The business also utilises other AV software including video conferencing, to make meetings more efficient, personal and streamlined, as well as using features like save and record functionality that enables staff to go back and re-listen to previous meetings and presentations.

Regardless of sector, AV technology that opens up a variety of opportunities. It presents so many opportunities for businesses, schools, corporates and more, allowing both staff and students to grow confidence, develop skills and streamline processes. It’s an investment that just keeps on giving.

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