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Liverpool’s Royal Liver Building to be brought to life using “spectacular” projection show in 2019

Iconic building the stage for one of the most immersive projection mapping experiences ever created telling the story of the city's history from the 1800s to present day

Liverpool’s waterfront will play host to one of the world’s most immersive audio and visual experiences to help celebrate the city’s heritage and history over the past 200 years. 

The move is part of Heritage Great Britain plans to bring back to life one of Liverpool’s iconic and best loved buildings, the Royal Liver Building, with a visitor attraction and spectacular projection mapped show.

The 21st century upgrade will include Grade A office accommodation, a new restaurant, gym and cycle facilities, as well as linking the two large atria which will include a café/bar.

The projection mapped show is being produced by experienced designer Holovis who is working with Heritage Great Britain on a series of signature destination attractions, across both the private and public sectors. This is due to take place early 2019. 

Like football fans in the red half of the city, the show will centre around celebrating the past. This will range from the industrial boom of the late 1800s through to a continued celebration of the city’s vibrant culture and love of music and sport, all viewed from the iconic building and waterfront perspective.

Unlike traditional projected experiences, this show surrounds the viewer placing them in the middle of 270° visuals, making it one of the most immersive projection mapped shows ever created.

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis explained: “This is more than just discovering Liverpool’s history. Through this projection mapped experience with accompanying surround audio, guests will become immersed into each scene and feel like they are a part of it, experiencing the key moments as they would have been. 

“We’re also going to be putting the experience into the hands of guests through an Augmented Reality based app with selfie filters and media sequences triggered from artefacts and merchandise.

“This is an incredible space to be working in and we are sure it will be extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.”

The wider project will also see a new visitor centre experience which will take guests on a tour of the building, experiencing the projection mapping as an exciting finale, then staying for the unrivalled 360-degree views from the top tower.

Allan Leech, CEO of Heritage Great Britain, commented: “Heritage Great Britain is extremely proud to be bringing a world-class visitor attraction to such an iconic landmark building. 

“It’s the first time in a number of generations that the world-famous building will be accessible to tourists and residents, giving behind the scenes access and stunning 360-degree views across the city and region, together with cutting edge technology to educate and entertain visitors.”

Simon Hepple, director, National Building Consultancy team in Liverpool said: “As trusted custodians of the future of this enduring symbol of Liverpool’s history, we have drawn on the expertise of our multi-agency teams alongside our strategic partners to deliver a visionary and majestic office building fit for the 21 st century. This is a hugely significant and exciting project for us and one we are extremely proud to be instructed on.”