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David Labuskes: Barcelona the perfect cultural fit for ISE and the AV industry

AVIXA's CEO described Spain as a hub for innovation and exploration to help better people's lives

AVIXA CEO has described Spain as an “obvious” location for ISE and for the AV industry innovate and explore new opportunities

Speaking at the press conference in Barcelona, Labuskes – whose company owns a 50 per cent share in ISE – described Spain as being an ”intersection of cultures”, hailing the country as a leader for innovation and exploration. This he suggests, is in a small way, reflective to that of what the AV industry strives to achieve on a daily basis through skillset and technology to enhance the way people experience the world.

“The AV industry is the intersection between technology and experience and people,” Labuskes. explained. “Barcelona, Catalonia and indeed Spain, have been an intersection of cultures for nearly 1,000 years. The region is a leader in innovation and exploration – something our industry does in some small way everyday. It seems obvious that we should be part of an exhibition here.”

Connecting with each other

Labuskes added: “Everything we do (at AVIXA) is this with two primary and overriding goals in mind. To act as a catalyst for the growth of the AV market globally. The second, is to be the hub for that profession. To be the community where individuals that have chosen AV technology as their career can join and meet with each there and form connections. What better way and what a better opportunity to do that, than at ISE?

“I’m so happy and proud to be part of this and I look forward to Barcelona as our new home in 2021. Together with AV, we can chance the way people experience the world.”