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ZeeVee keeps the peace

The ZyPer4K Silent decoder is making its ISE debut. ZyPer4K SDVoE encoders and decoders are deployed at thousands of endpoints globally, delivering uncompressed 4K content with sub-1ms latency to an unlimited number of displays directly through off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet switches.

The ZyPer4K Silent Decoder extends the reach of the company’s line into applications in a wide array of sound sensitive environments including classrooms, boardrooms, screening rooms, state government, military command and control, luxury yachts and more.

The ZyPer4K Silent decoder has an innovative fanless design that reduces noise in locations where the hum of a fan is problematic. In addition, it eliminates a source of electrical noise that can affect the performance of connected video displays. An attractive oversized heat sink keeps the unit cool during operation.

Like all ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, the ZyPer4K Silent decoder has a 10GB Ethernet connection, as well as a 1GB network port, that enables it to be used for any IP network device such as digital signage media players, IP cameras, video/audio conferencing equipment and even WiFi network equipment without extra cabling.

ZyPer4K’s sophisticated scaling algorithms and ZyPer4K Management Platform combine to allow for the seamless creation and management of videowalls of up to 25 screens and provide a robust API that any third-party controller can use.

Stand: 10-S130